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  • Workplace Violence
  • The Active Shooter Threat
  • Personal Safety
  • Terrorism Awareness

Counter response group de-escalation training, verbal judo training, verbal judo the gentle art of persuasion

​​Areas addressed-  Customization on request

Representing both the Company and the Customer in the arena of conflict

•Remaining professional while the people around you act like amateurs

•Dealing with verbally abusive or hostile language

•Thirteen things never to say when trying to reduce conflict and resolve problems

•The “Three Truths” of communicating effectively.
•The Five-Step Approach for redirecting behavior

• An effective strategy in communication and problem solving: L.E.A.P.S.
•Situational Awareness- maintaining it during a stressful conflict

​​​The very nature of dealing with people forces us to accept that employees may eventually be exposed to a verbal assaults and possible escalation of violence. Effective de-escalation training- is a proactive component to mitigating possible workplace violence incidents- a resource- that is highly valuable for any organization and their employees.

Employees and even executives who lack the training and skill sets cannot be expected to de-escalate a situation of this nature.

We simply cannot say what we are feeling and thinking and be regarded as professionals by anyone watching, or nowadays, videotaping. Given the right conditions, we can all be difficult.

CRG provides training with unique methods and exercises to properly develop employees the ability and confidence to professionally manage incidents of this nature


​verbal judo the gentle art of persuasion, is also refered to as verbal judo training, counter response group de-escalation training 


Verbal Judo Training

4-8 Hour program options