• Evacuation Procedures, Communication / Training
  •  Developing vital, communication systems: multiple resources
  • Addressing current EAP (emergency action plan) and contingency planning separate from existing EAP
  • Soft Lock Down / Hard Lockdown
  • Crisis Response Team
  • Incident Command center and individual responsibilities
  • Management relations with employees and media
  • Pre - Employment screening (advanced)
  • Post-Event management and recovery
  • Impact Assessment

The advanced level training addresses numerous aspects of leadership and proactive planning/preparation for addressing, mitigating, responding and recovering from various forms of workplace violence, targeted violence and an active shooter threat/incident. 

Extended information and analysis of individual attacks; including case studies (most recent mass shootings and mass shootings motivated by radicalized beliefs, emerging trends, progression of mass shootings and the mitigating factors and violence prevention.

The purpose of this training: 
to assist and provide resources for the leadership / executive management of any organization, in the development of effective response practices pertaining to workplace violence.
Learning objectives include: i
dentifying indicators of potentially violent behavior, how to respond to violent behavior, how to respond to an active shooter situation, working with law enforcement  during their response; knowing the proper emergency procedures in these situations could be the difference between life and death.