Completion of this awareness-level training program will prepare attendees to recognize, report, and react to potential terrorist incidents. Attendees will develop a better understanding of terrorism, what are our targeted areas, and the direction of terrorism within the United States. Additionally, attendees will learn the importance and value of each individual’s awareness and communication of possible threats, methods that may be utilized by radicalized organizations and the ‘Lone Wolf.’


Terrorism Defined • Emergency Planning • Emergency Preparedness • Biological / Chemical Attacks • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) • Letter and Parcel Bombs • Suicide Bomber • Survival Techniques • Evacuations • Suspicious Behavior • ‘Chatter’ • Existing and known threats within the United States.

In the last twenty-five years acts of terrorism have occurred mostly abroad. However in more recent years the rise of a more organized, well-funded, and highly capable organizations have captured our attention. Radicalized groups use many platforms for recruitment. The radicalized message and directives are accessed just as quickly as they appear through our digitally connected world. Lone Wolf attacks inspired from these messages are taking place in the United States.