Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Level- One Introduction

A majority of employees work together between eight to ten hours a day, five to six days a week. Until an act of violence takes place it is not a common part of our thought process-  Realistically, we probably know about 5% of our co-worker's life. Our weekly routines and daily schedules can and often provide a false sense of security, and a diminished personal awareness. 

To provide training that allows participants to learn what actions they are capable of preforming, CRG strategically places students in a, realistic workplace violence scenarios. The exercise can either escalate or be de-escalated based on the decision, approach and method used by the participant. The attendees have no control of the outcome of the exercise.  

Optional Service: CRG will coordinate with the client’s main point of contact to help initiate the service. Our team will arrive announced in the established tie frame. This service enhances the ability to obtain an accurate depiction of any possible concerns that may be known or that may be discovered. 

A tour of a facility has been designed and engineered to observe the structure and interaction between employees to better determine how they might respond in a critical situation.